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  • Debra A.
    Good evening Ms.Liz, It was nice seeing you yesterday as well, I would like to thank you for your advice yesterday, I ended going to the emergency room as you suggested and being admitted for postpartum preeclampsia. I am feeling better and if everything goes well I should be home and back to the baby tomorrow. On the bright side my milk finally came this morning and my husband was able to take it home for the baby.
    Debra A.
  • Alison H.
    Dear Liz, Please accept my apologies for my very tardy reply to your Email follow-up after our meeting a few weeks ago... Thank you so much for your thorough consultation with Penny and me!  Our session was invaluable and I learned so much!  Breastfeeding is continuing to go well, and Penny was back up to her birth weight about 2 weeks ago - yay! Thank you also for the information on tongue tie - we are planning to bring her to the pedi dentist that you recommended for a consultation. Thank you again, Liz - our meeting was such an amazing experience, giving me the confidence and tips to successfully feed Penny along with lots of other newborn tips for this new mommy :) Keep in touch,
    Alison H.
  • Selena Hodgdon
    Liz was extremely helpful to me. She diagnosed my son's mouth ties when no one else had. Liz is in a category by herself in helping women who have adopted breastfeed successfully. Liz is the perfect combination of excellence in knowledge mixed with the most up to date scientific techniques possible. I will always be grateful to God for the help Liz gave me. I would highly recommend Liz to anyone who is after the best lactation consultant out there!
    Selena Hodgdon
  • Danae Rice Smith
    I am very pleased with our experience and the care my son and I received from Liz. She is very compassionate and truly loves what she does. Who better to receive help from, other than from someone who loves to help!? My son is now eating, gaining weight, SLEEPING, and is overall very content. I'm so glad I listened to my mother's intuition and sought her help. I knew something was wrong even though our pediatrician said otherwise.
    Danae Rice Smith
  • Tracy Kirkpatrick
    I cannot thank Liz enough for all of her help! Breast feeding was not a success with my first due to lip and tongue tie that went undiagnosed and untreated. This time around, I contacted Liz for a prenatal consult, initial consult and follow up. Already we've worked through tongue and lip tie and low milk supply with my second daughter, now 9 days old. It's not even 2 weeks yet and I'm able to exclusively breast feed with no pain!
    Tracy Kirkpatrick


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